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Private Roku channels you won't find in the channel store

best Roku private channels

Transform Your Roku from Mild to Wild!

10 Private Roku Channels That Will Supercharge Your Roku!

If there is ever a media streamer that will change the way you watch TV, it's Roku.

There are tons and tons of channels to choose from on a media streaming platform that is both super easy to use and wildly popular.
Roku models come in wide variety of shapes and sizes all the way from a tiny stick that plugs into your TV's HDMI port, up to a 55" 4K UHD large screen Roku TV with many Roku models in between, with prices that fit almost every budget.


Here is a list of almost 2000 private Roku channel codes to chose from. Discover and add new private channels to your Roku quickly from this private channels list...

How to Add Private Roku Channels

Many more Private Roku channels can be found on and

To add these channels just click the add channel links provided, or you can add them by code. Once added, they will show up at the end of your channels list on your Roku after you check for updates.

On your Roku, Go to Settings/System and Check for Updates


Some Private Channels on this list contain Adult Only content or may contain full movies or TV shows that may not be legal to watch in all countries. For 100% legal content we recommend channels like Netflix, Amazon Video or Hulu. Read more about these here...

When we asked our 10,000 Member Roku Rocks Facebook group which private channels they watched most, these channels are brought up quite often.

10. is a channel not many people yet know about or fully understand exactly what it does. If you are a fan of watching stuff on torrents this channel gives you a protected cloud account where you can safely download torrents from behind a VPN. Once they are downloaded, you can then play them directly from their cloud to your Roku through their channel.

While the Roku channel is free to add, you still need to have an account with them to use it. You can try it for as little as $3.99


9. channel PEAR

best private Roku channels

Channel PEAR is another channel that you may find a little confusing but can be quite rewarding once you truly learn how to use it.

To get started with Channel pear, you need to fist create a free account on their web site. Then add their private Roku channel to your Roku.

Once you create your user account and on their website you can choose and add up to 5 channels for free which will work on up to two devices. If you want more channels or devices, they charge a nominal monthly fee. Internet streams come and go, so even though a stream may work today there is no guarantee it will work tomorrow, until another link is found and added by the channel developer.

8. Nowhere Porn

Nowhere Porn

Even though there are better Premium HD subscription adult channels available on Roku, Nowhere Porn remains very popular. This channel has open source adult videos, and you can't beat the price. It's 100% free.

Warning! Adult channels are very graphic and once you add one to your Roku, they will be seen on every Roku which you have linked to the same Roku account. Be sure to create another Roku account for Adult Only channels, and deactivate the Roku you want to install them on. Otherwise, if you have more than one Roku on your account that is shared with family members they will all access the same channels.

Add Nowhere Porn and other Free Adult channels to your Roku.

7. PlayOn

PlayOn Roku Channel

PlayOn works much like Plex by requiring separate software to be on and running at the same time as a PC which has their software installed. Unlike Plex, PlayOn only works on Windows computers. Like Plex, Playon offers a cloud based service where you can store your recordings and play them back through the Roku channel. Currently, their cloud service is only compatible with iOS devices. A new Android App is reportedly coming soon.

PlayOn can also record from many subscription services like Netflix, Hulu and just recently they added a channel that works with DirecTV Now in order to watch content from them on Roku. DirecTV Now as of yet has no Roku channel of their own.

You can pay for PlayOn monthly, but here is a Special Lifetime Discount Code you can use to get a great discount.

6. cCloud

cCloud Roku Channel

cCloud is a free private Roku channel which provides many live Internet streams you can watch on your Roku. While some streams from time to time may have issues, when you find some good ones they seem to work really well.

Unlike channel PEAR, where you need to select and add your streams to their channel. This channel and also XTV which is also on our list they find these streams and them to their channel so you won't have to. While cCloud can sometimes be a little flaky, it's still a nice channel you may want to check out.

Add cCloud Channel


NEWSWIRE Roku Channel

NEWSWIRE is a really nice private Roku channel that gives you access to many live IPTV News channels all from one convenient location.
Choose from News sources from channels like CBS, ABC, Fox, RT, Al Jazerra, BBC World News and many more.

News junkies will love this channel and even though some News sources don't work 100% of the time, overall this channel is awesome.

Add News Wire

4. FilmOn - Unofficial

FilmOn Roku Channel

While there are public versions of FilmOn, the channel you want to install is the private version. It comes with a nice guide and it has some UK BBC programming that is not geo-blocked. FilmOn has many live stream channels and is also Free to use. This is another nice private channel you really won't want to miss.

Add FilmOn Private Channel Code: arteseafon

3. MY999TV

MY999TV Roku Channel

MY999TV is a rather new Roku channel that offers live TV channel streams for $9.99/month. While customer service is off the charts, this channel has been plagued with several setbacks beyond their control yet still continues to get better and better with each update. MY999TV features a nice programming guide and offers many great live channels you would typically find on Cable TV.

Users who have subscribed after the 7/day free trial are generally for the most part pretty happy with the MY999TV channel. Learn more about this Private Roku channel here

2. iStreamItAll

iStreamItAll Roku Channel

If there was ever a channel that has caused more debate in our Roku Rocks Facebook group it is iStreamItAll. The developer says their content is legal to stream because they own it. You can read the full interview one of the Roku Rocks Admins did with them here.

Almost everyone that has tried this channel raves about it. They are pretty much like Netflix on steroids. Their content is all commercial free and on demand.

You can try their channel free for 7/days by signing up on their website.

1. XTV

XTV IPTV Roku Channel

Combine many of these channels together and charge no monthly fee and you have a private Roku channel named XTV.
This channel has an amazing amount of free Internet TV streams which included both on-demand movies and shows and also live TV. Lately, there have been some complaints it has not been updated as frequently. But it still is one of the most talked about private channels ever. While it may not be as perfect or always as reliable as paid Roku channels, for the price (free) XTV can't be beat.

Add XTV Private Channel Code: XTVIPTV

More Roku Channels

Private channels can offer much more on Roku than what you can find in the channel store. For many more Private and Public channels you may have missed, be sure to try our Free Roku Remote Control App.


Top 10 Roku Private Channels


Channel Name

10 Add Channel
09 channel PEAR Add Channel
08 Nowhere Porn Add Channel
07 PlayOn Add Channel
06 cCloud Add Channel
05 NEWSWIRE Add Channel
04 FilmOn - Unofficial Add Channel
03 MY999TV Add Channel
02 iStreamItAll Add Channel
01 XTV Add Channel