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Here are some the best apps in the Plex Unsupported App Store V2

Best Plex Apps Unsupported App Store

Watch Free TV Shows and Movies with These Plex Apps

Want to skip Plex altogether and watch some great content from your Roku?

Check Out THESE IPTV Channels!!!

DON’T MISS: Learn How to Install USTVNow so Your IP Won't Get Blocked!

The Plex Unsupported App store is away to watch is something you will want to do if you want many more sources of streaming TV content. This is the same content that you will find on paid Roku channels like Netflix, Amazon or iStreamitAll for free.

Want to Watch USTVNow Free?

The USTVNow Roku channel free trial expires in 45 days, then you need to create another account. Yet on KODI or Plex you can watch the basic free account forever. That's right it never expires.

XTV is another great Plex Plugin that will let you watch USTVNow channels free... Click Here for more info!

With XTV and Plex you can use your basic USTVNow account and watch it FREE forever.

Get the Unsupported App Store V2 WebTools Bundle WebTools 2.x

To help you get started with UAS V2 here is a great user guide which you can... download here

Need help finding the location of the Plex Plug-Ins folder on your computer?Click here

There are a long list of Plex apps in the Unsupported App Store, these are a few of the best to check out:

MovieGo Channel
SS Plex
BBC Player
Big 12 Sports
FilmON Plex Channel
LihatTV Bundle News

Here you can find more info on your favorite Plex plugins.

If you are just getting started with Plex or need a new Plex Media Server, check out our NAS page. *Look for a NAS that will do 1080P Transcoding for the ultimate low profile and quiet media server.

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