Top 3 Media Streamers for 2016

The ROKU Ultra
The Ultra gives you access to over 3,5000+ Roku channels and is Roku's newest flagship 4K HDR streamer. It comes with all the bells and whistles including Ethernet, Voice Search and a Gaming Remote. Included are both SD and USB ports for extra storage and mkv media playback. Unlike the Roku 4, it's fan-less, is smaller and runs much cooler than it's predecessor. It provides smooth 60FPS playback of HDR 4K UHD and features a lightning quick Quad Core processor.
One of the fastest media streamers currently available. It's unmatched Tegra X1 processor easily flies through menus as well as games. While the base model is hard to find and selling for a premium, the 500GB Pro Model is still widely available. Video and sound quality is still nicer than any media streamer we tested. Be sure to add the remote unless it is already bundled with one. It makes watching movies and TV shows much more enjoyable. A bluetooth mouse or trackpad/keyboard is also needed for some apps.
This is the latest top of the line box from Minix that's due out any day. It features a fully open Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS without restrictions. It comes with a new faster Octa core Amlogic S912-H, 64Bit CPU that will play back 4K at 60FPS and output Dolby Vision HDR. With timely firmware updates and support, Minix is one of the most respected and top Android TV box brands available. Like it's predecessors the X8H and U1, the Neo U9 should work perfect with Kodi and other popular Android TV Apps.