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Add these channels to get the most from Plex

Best Plex Channels

Best Plex Channels For FREE TV

Watch content from England, Movies, TV Shows and more plus Live IPTV when you Supercharge Plex!

ABOUT PLEX - In itself, Plex is just media playing software that can play your video and music files from a PC or NAS on your TV using a media streamer like Roku, Apple TV or an Android TV Box

Once you add channels, it will turn Plex into full featured media streaming monster that is capable of so much more.

This list of channels was put together with the help of the Plex Channels & Install Tips group on Facebook.

If you would like this same list of Plex channels, one of the first things to do is add WebTools 2.0 Bundle to your Plex Server. This utility, most importantly includes the unsupported app store which is home to tons of additional channels which you won't find in the rather limited Plex "Official Channels."

To use install unsupported Plex channels, you will need to add them to the Plex add-ons folder on your Computer, or on a NAS that is powerful enough to run the Plex server software.

Note: Some channels may be Geo-Blocked in your country, you can get around this by adding the Plex IPTV Player and adding m3u links to watch live IPTV channels from all over the world. IPTV playlists and m3u links can be found using our Custom IPTV Playlist Search Engine

The video below will show you how to set up your Plex server and how to install add-on channels.

Plex Channels

Here are some popular channels to help you get maximum enjoyment from Plex
These channels can be added from either the Official Plex Channel Store or from the Unsupported App Store which is now part of the WebTools bundle. If you are having trouble installing WebTools, try the Easy Installer tool.

Best Plex Channels

01. RT, Russian English News.
02. BBC Radio, UK radio.
03. Channel Pear, Add your Own IPTV channels
04. ABC, US content mainly.
05. A&E, US content mainly.
06. Lihat TV, from all around the world.
07. Freeform, US content mainly.
08. Comedy Central, US content mainly.
09. Live leak, restricted content.
10. BBC iPlayer UK, (may only work in UK).
11. PrimeWire, (mixed content).
12., (mixed content).
13. CBS, US content mainly.
14. FMoviesPlus, (mixed content), one of the better channels.
15. FilmOn, (mixed content).
16. Find Unmatched, Plex Webtools utility.
17. Bring the Popcorn, (mixed content).
18. cCloud, (mixed content).
19. CNN, News mainly.
20. Democracy Now, News mainly.
21. SS Plex, (mixed content).
22. The CW, US content mainly.
23. IPTV, Build Your Own IPTV Lists.
24. TuneIn, Radio.
25. TV Land, US content mainly.
26. WebTools, utility needed for adding the Unsupported App Store.
USTVNow, basic Network channels.
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Best Plex Channels