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Roku Speed Test & Update My Channels - 2 Handy Channels


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Roku Speed Test & Update My Channels - 2 Handy Channels
« on: August 24, 2015, 09:22:47 AM »
Roku Speed Test and Update My Channels

Roku Recently Added a new Top Free Category to their Channel Store

Private channels while not in the public Roku channel store are still pretty cool. Sometimes they offer better content and features than public ones.

If you are experiencing frequent pauses or buffering while watching your Roku, your Internet connection may be lacking. For watching HD content Roku recommends a minimum of 5 Mbps connection, 3 Mbps for DVD or 1.5 Mbps for SD.
Just because you are paying for a certain speed, this can often vary from a wired connection (Ethernet) vs a WiFi connection which is usually slower.

Open the Roku Speed Test channel and check your Roku connection to see if you really are getting what you are paying for.

Add Roku Speed Test

ROKU CODE: speedtest

Sometimes resetting your router and your cable modem by removing power for 10 seconds can help you get better performance from your WiFi connection. You can also try moving your Roku closer or raise it up higher by using a Roku Totalmount which can help give you get a stronger WiFi signal. If your WiFi connection speed is not up to spec, try plugging in an Ethernet cable if your Roku has a connection for one. Chances are you will notice an improved level of performance.

Stop Jumping Through Hoops Every Time You Need to Add a New Roku Channel

If you are tired of having to navigate through multiple menus every time you want to add a new Roku channel, you will love Update My Channels app. This Roku channel is basically a shortcut to refresh your channel list after you have added new private or public channels.

Add Update My Channels

ROKU CODE: UpdateMyChannels

After you added new channels either from the Roku channel store, or private Roku channels from this huge list at

Open the Update My Channels channel on your Roku and it will immediately update your Roku. When done, your new channels will appear at the end of your channel list.

You can then easily rearrange your Roku channels by first selecting the channel, then press the asterisk * button on your Roku remote, then select move channel.

We move all our most watched favorite channels together near the top of the list so they are easy to find. When at the top of the channel list you can also scroll up to reach the bottom instantly. If you keep your most used channels near the top and bottom, this will save you a bunch of extra scrolling.

Watch this video and see how it's done

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