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Media Streamers Do's and Don'ts


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Media Streamers Do's and Don'ts
« on: January 24, 2016, 08:10:56 AM »
These simple tips will help you avoid problems and get the most out of your new media streamer!

DO: Try to connect your media streamer to your Router with an Ethernet cable if at all possible. This will give you the most reliable connection, as you are using a wire and not radio waves. It will give you the fastest streaming performance, with the least amount of buffering or pausing.

DO: Ocassionally power cycle your Media Streamer, Router and Cable modem for best performance.

DO: Do check for latest updates regularly if you own an Android Media Streamer. This protects you from nasty malware if you install apps from untrusted sources. Roku streamers automatically update themselves.

DO: Plug your media streamer into a surge suppressor. It will protect those delicate circuits and electronic components from transient voltage spikes and surges.

DO: Keep your media streamer as cool as possible by keeping it away from sources of heat. Like on top of a stereo amplifier or near your TV.

DO: Place your Router as high and as close as possible to your media streamer for best WiFi performance. Many problems related to streaming are caused by WiFi related issues. A high quality AC WiFI Router helps maximize streaming performance as well.

DO: Hook your TV to an antenna and re-scan the channels. You may be pleasantly surprised to receive a few network channels in high quality HD for Free.

DON'T: Think the only place you can find Roku channels is on your Roku. There is a long list of Private Roku channels you can add from your computer or handheld device... here.

DON'T: Place your media streamer inside a cabinet without some type of passive cooling.

DON'T: Assume your media streamer or Roku is broken until you have replaced the batteries in your remote with new ones.
DON'T: Buy a Roku Stick thinking you will get the same snappy performance as a Roku 2, 3 or 4. You won't.

DON'T: Pay for an overpriced Android TV box. You can choose from these Top 10 Rated Android TV Boxes here from all price ranges. Plus, you won't need to pay $175 for a $50 box. Use the Mucky Ducks Wizard and it will set up Kodi for you Free in  just a few minutes, with all the best add-ons!

DON'T: Cut Your Cable and Expect to get the same Cable TV experience from a media streamer. It can be done with KODI and PLEX, but there is a learning curve for beginners. The easiest solution is having access to a TV provider account and adding these Cable TV Channels to your Roku.

DON'T: Tell all your friends and neighbors that you are saving over a $1000 every year by cutting the Cable TV cord. Otherwise, you will be spending all your waking hours over at their homes hooking them up with Free TV. The worst part is, you will never ever want to eat another pizza or drink beer again.  ;)
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