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Why Can I Not Add Unsupported WebTools Apps on a Nvidia Shield Plex Server?


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The Plex server is part of the Plex channel app on the Nvidia Shield. While it's nice to be able to use Plex on a Shield without needing to run a separate PC or NAS that must be on at the same time you watch the channel. Plex on the Nvidia Shield has one very big shortcoming.

One reason many people really enjoy Plex is for the unsupported App store that is now part of Plex Web Tools 2.0. This is a completely different set of channels that contain many channels not found in the official Plex channel store. Some of these add-ons or channels will give you access to full TV shows or Movies for free. Some channels may contain limited adult content as well.

For some reason, Nvidia decided not to give Shield users access to the Plug-ins folder location. They placed this folder in a protected system location. The only way a user would be able to access it is by first rooting their Shield.

This severely cripples Plex on a Nvidia Shield. While the Plex app still works awesome, and if you run the server software on a PC or NAS, then you can install as many WebTools unsupported apps or channels you want without a problem.

Maybe in a future update Nvidia and Plex will change this. For now, unless you have a large media library, and want to use Plex just for it then the Plex server on the Shield works fine.

Even the official Plex channel store is somewhat limited on the Shield with only a handful of channels avialable. You can't add any new channels from the Shield itself. You need to login to your Plex account from a web browser on a computer to add the channels there. Here is the link.

The channels we installed like CNN work very well and the video quality is HD and plays very nicely on the Shield. Even with this limitation the Nvidia Shield is still an excellent choice for a media streamer. Wait until you see Kodi 17 on a Nvidia Shield. Thankfully everything works great and there are no limitations with it.

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