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Best USB Stick To Increase Nvidia Shield Storage


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Best USB Stick To Increase Nvidia Shield Storage
« on: July 28, 2017, 06:19:19 AM »
Storage on a Nvidia Shield can be a bit tricky, not all USB Sticks are the same.

If you opted not to buy the more expensive model with the internal hard drive, the good news is you can still easily add extra storage to give your Shield more room for games or videos.

Recommended USB Storage for Nvidia Shield

SanDisk Extreme CZ80 USB 3.0 Flash Drive

32GB - SDCZ80-032G-GAM46
64GB - SDCZ80-064G-GAM46
128GB - SDCZ80-128G-G46

SanDisk Ultra CZ48 USB 3.0 Flash Drive

64GB - SDCZ48-064G-A46
128GB - SDCZ48-128G-A46
256GB - SDCZ48-256G-A46

64GB - SDCZ48-064G-UAM46
128GB - SDCZ48-128G-U46
256GB SDCZ48-256G-U46

First of all you will want to make sure you updated your Nvidia Shield to Nougat, Android 7.0 then choose one of the above USB Flash sticks to increase your internal storage.


If you set up your SD card as internal storage, you will no longer be able to use your 500 GB of internal storage for installing large game files.

  • If your Shield already has a 500 GB Internal Drive, adding a new storage device will erase the contents from your internal drive. The Shield can only use one storage device at a time. So if using a new drive or USB device, be sure it is larger than your internal drive.
  • When you use a storage device for your Shield, it will encrypt it and it can no longer be used on other devices like your computer unless you reformat it.
  • Only use microSD cards with a Class 10 speed rating or higher or a USB 3.0 drive. Slower SD cards or USB drives will result in very poor performance with apps and games.


VectoTech Rapid 2TB External SSD USB 3.0 Portable Solid State Drive

If you want huge, faster storage for your Nvidia Shield, then adding an SSD external USB drive may be what you need. This gives you way more space than the 512MB internal drive included with the Shield Pro.

These drives come in many sizes from 500GB up to 2TB. External USB Drives tend to last a lot longer than USB sticks and this is really the best option for increasing space if you need a lot more storage for your Nvidia Shield.

Another nice use for all this extra space is install the free FTP Server Pro app on the Shield and you can FTP in from your PC, tablet or Phone to use your Shield to back up important files, photos and apps in case your device ever dies, gets lost or stolen.

Full Instructions on Setting Up Your New Storage Device
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