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Is Roku Going After Users Who Installed Pirate Channels?


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Is Roku Going After Users Who Installed Pirate Channels?
« on: August 24, 2017, 05:47:16 AM »
There has been an image circulating in various Internet groups and forums that has caused a shiver of fear in the hearts of many who use the Roku platform for pirated content.

At this point, we don't know if the image is real or photoshopped. It basically shows the text:  "Your account has been blocked from adding any more non-certified private Roku channels."

In light of recent events this is what we do know - We are all paying guests on the Roku platform. Just like any other establishment they can refuse the right to serve anyone. Will they start kicking off users from their private channel server? Their recently updated disclaimer says they may.

Now when you add Private or Non-Certified channels to your Roku, you are met with a disclaimer that pops up every single time.

Here is what it says,

THIS IS A NON-CERTIFIED CHANNEL. Roku requires all channels to abide by Rokuís terms and conditions, and to distribute only legal content. Roku does not test or review non-certified channels. You acknowledge you are accessing a non-certified channel that may include content that is offensive or inappropriate for some audiences. Moreover, if Roku determines that this channel violates copyright, contains illegal content, or otherwise violates Rokuís terms and conditions, then ROKU MAY REMOVE THIS CHANNEL WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE, AND YOUR ACCOUNT MAY BE BLOCKED FROM ADDING ANY OTHER NON-CERTIFIED CHANNELS."

Hopefully Roku will use their big stick very carefully. Some private non-certified channels are built mostly to cater to South American subscribers and a few others, are blatant paid pirate channels. Roku does not make a dime in revenue from these channels.

In the past when Roku took these private channels down, these type of channels would typically just upload a new private channel under a new developer account with a new code often with hours.

Roku very well could punish users who keep adding new codes to these same channels after they have determined they use their servers to promote piracy for profit and have removed their channel.

Will they block an individual who may have installed private channels and some get taken down one time, from adding more private channels? Seriously doubt they will.

At this point,  if you have a non-certified channel installed that gets taken down by Roku for copyright violations, don't try to use their private channel server to add this same channel back again using the same or another code.

There are many private non-certified channels on Roku, that are used by small groups, employers and employees and also adult Roku porn channels which will continue to be popular on the Roku platform and do not promote or contain pirated content.

Many of these same non-certified private channels have made Roku very popular in the first place. Roku has not made any statement or mention that these non-certified channels are going away anytime soon.

Roku's new disclaimer is also there for your protection. If you find a channel that offers the same movies playing on Netflix or Amazon Video for a fraction of the cost, or movies that are still in the Theater, this should be a good indication that this may be a pirate channel. Roku does not want customers paying a developer of pirate content a year in advance and have their customers surprised or upset when this channel gets removed by Roku and they lose their money.

There are still many legal great paid and Free channels on Roku that offer far more and better content than what you will ever find on cable or satellite for a lot less money.

If you are only wanting to buy a Roku with the sole intention of watching all the latest TV shows and movies for free, Roku is not the media streamer for you.

If you think the Amazon Fire TV or an Android TV box is the answer, don't be surprised when Amazon and Google which owns the Android operating system begins clamping down on their apps, and pirated content as well. It's just a matter of time.

This will more than likely lead to more development and sales of lower cost media boxes that run Linux or Windows that use a web browser and can play any content.

A computer or HTPC hooked to your TV is the only device that is fully unrestricted right now. Using any low cost Android, Amazon or Roku media players, then you are a guest in someone else's walled garden. Who is at the mercy of content providers and profit margins.

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