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Terrarium TV Is The Hottest App on Android


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Terrarium TV Is The Hottest App on Android
« on: September 03, 2017, 07:59:33 PM »
Here is how to watch Terrarium TV ad free.

Once upon a time Showbox was all the rage and one of the most downloaded TV apps on Android TV boxes everywhere.

Now there is a new player in town that has dominated the Android TV app scene as of late, Terrarium TV.

It took over from where Showbox left off and has been on a tear lately with update after update.

The app in itself does not host any content. Rather it works as a directory to free content that is out on the web and scrapes the links. Then it adds beautiful cover art for each title and organizes it by movies and shows.

Another nice thing about this app, is it will link right to a movie trailer on YouTube so you can instantly figure out if something is worth watching.

There is no charge for this app. It has ads and they can be a bit intrusive. You can usually find an ad free version if you search Google for Terrarium TV Premium.

This can  come with it's own issues and we will show you a better way to directly download the latest version in a bit.

You should know that the biggest down side to using the ad-free version is that you can no longer update the app directly.

Once you install the version without ads, you need to manually uninstall it and then reinstall the newer version which can be a bit of a pain as often as the app is updated. (Often about once a week.)

If the ads really bother you, then it may be worthwhile tying the ad-free version.

It would almost be better if the developer offered an ad-free premium version of Terrarium TV and charged a small fee.

When you download the premium version of the apk, many sites have their own adware, spyware and malware garbage you have to deal with. They like to send you to popup adware and some times even worse before you can ever get to the download link.

Here is how to always find and get the direct download link for the latest version of Terrarium.

Join the Terrarium TV End Users Group on Facebook. The latest links to both the official and ad-free version are right at the end of the Pinned post.

This is the safest way to always find and directly download the latest version of Terrarium TV without the added worry of getting something more than you bargained for.

They also have some nice and useful links to some other really great apps listed there as well.

For more great Android Tips, Tricks and Apps - Visit our Team Android TV Page
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