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OTA Antennas Now in 43% Of US Homes


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OTA Antennas Now in 43% Of US Homes
« on: September 12, 2017, 05:12:23 AM »
    Neilson released a new study which stated over the air broadcast antennas are becoming much more popular with consumers.

    Many consumers are realizing they no longer need to pay a large cable or satellite company to receive their local broadcast network channels.

    Antennas Direct ClearStream 4V will pull in FREE HD channels from 70 miles away!

    Free over the air channels include some of the most watched and popular channels found in cable TV and satellite TV packages.

    • NBC
    • CBS
    • ABC
    • FOX
    • PBS
    • CW

    According to Neilson the number of Antenna-only homes has increased 41%, to 15.8 million, in the last five years.

    The study also determined that multicultural programming and programming for children is also very popular in antenna connected homes.

    When you watch TV from an antenna the HD picture often times is sharper and more vibrant then what you get from satellite or cable. This is because they compress their signal so much more in order to squeeze as many channels as they can together in their limited bandwidth.

    To learn more about how an antenna can offer free TV for your home...

                 click here

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