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XTV IS DEAD - And It's Back Sort Of


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XTV IS DEAD - And It's Back Sort Of
« on: September 18, 2017, 10:17:49 PM »
XTV another popular private Roku channel with questionable content was recently taken down by Roku for claims of copyright violations.

The party is over for many XTV fans who used this Roku channels as their main source of watching free TV shows. It joins iStreamItAll and several other private channels who Roku decided was no longer welcomed on their platform.

So where does that leave the streaming community that once loved their Roku players for all the access it provided to free and sometimes illegal streams?


Roku can no longer turn a blind eye to channels that blatantly offer pirated content and not be accused of promoting piracy especially now that they are in the process of raising capital for future growth through an IPO.

Many users upset by the removal of XTV plan on turning to Android media streamers and Fire TVs as an alternative to watching this same free content. While this may be a temporary solution, most likely they too will eventually come under tighter scrutiny and since they are owned by large corporations who have too much to lose if piracy is allowed to run rampant on their platforms. They too will also at some point have to clamp down.

The pirate streaming community will adapt and no doubt turn to m3u streams and air casting as a logical solution to sidestep private channel bans. Sideloading channels is another option, except the way Roku is designed you can only have one sideloaded channel at a time.

Since Roku really has no control over what a user does or which stream they watch with their m3u player they have plausible deniability. Something not afforded to them when they have channels on their platform that host pirated content. This is simply something Roku can't allow and still be considered a legitimate player in this new age of TV streaming.

Since m3u streams can come from many sources including some that are 100% legal. It seems the most logical choice for those that want to continue to stream free TV content on their Roku media player.

To learn more about m3u playlist players available on Roku... Click here

UPDATE 1 - XTV is not back. Someone uploaded a look-alike with a new fake code: XTV2 and it is nothing more than a music video.

UPDATE 2 - Ok so now according to the original channel developer XTV is back. Code is: xtv2iptv but it has nowhere near the same content the original channel had. We will need to see what happens from here...

UPDATE 3 - It's dead again. Roku took down their new channel again. Here is where you can get more info and watch some more great alternative content on your Roku instead.
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