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SHIELD TV First Streamer To Support YouTube 360 Video


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SHIELD TV First Streamer To Support YouTube 360 Video
« on: September 28, 2017, 06:09:38 PM »
A new Nvidia SHIELD TV update is on the way that will make many SHIELD owners happy they chose to spend a little extra and get the best Android media streamer on the market.

Nvidia so far has been awesome about releasing new updates for all their SHIELD TV models on a regular basis.

Note: This update is quite large. It's 393MB and depending how fast your Internet connection is, it may take some time to install. Probably not a good idea to click update right before the family wants to watch TV.  ;)

SHIELD Experience Update 6.0

This latest update brings us some cool new features besides many improvements to the existing operating system itself.

Google Assistant - this is a voice activated AI (artificial intelligence) that is Google's version of Amazon Alexa, or iPhone Siri. Learn more on how you can turn your SHIELD into the brain of your fully automated Smart Home.

With Google Assistant you can use the microphone on your remote control to talk and command your Nvidia SHIELD into doing some neat stuff that will save you button clicks. Almost like voice activate macros of sorts.

Right now the SHIELD is the only Android TV device that will be able to use Google Assistant but more Android TV devices will be able to use it later on.

Google Assistant Commands

To interact with your SHIELD you will need to use certain keyword commands that Google's AI will be able to understand and act upon.

Either by pressing the voice button on the Shield TV remote or just say  "OK Google" when your SHIELD is on. The Google Assistant will be very useful for searching for content, will play a show by name if you have subscribed and even mimic the pause and play buttons on your remote.

Plus with the latest update it will now even work to control many things in your home like turn on or turn off the lights. Lock the front door. Turn up the temp 3 degrees. (This requires a Samsung SmartThings Link) which is a USB device that plugs into your SHIELD to interact with your Smart Home devices.

Wait there's more, with the new Google Assistant you can ask your SHIELD a questions and will get interesting and fact filled answers. Like try asking - Am I Awesome?

Useful Commands

OK Google - Pause.
OK Google - Fast Forward.
OK Google - Play.
OK Google - Show me the trailer for (name of the latest and greatest movie you want to watch).
OK Google - Play me a video of (some topic that sounds interesting). Example: "How to extract honey from a honey bee hive"
OK Google - What is this song? or  OK Google - Who is this?
OK Google - Play (* song) by (* artist) on Pandora.

YouTube Kids

This last update included a nice YouTube app made especially for Kids to help them learn more about the world around them. Discover new fun things to do and spend their TV time more productively.

AMAZON Video App Update

If you subscribe to Amazon Video Nvidia made some changes to the Amazon Video Player app. The app has new codecs that will enhance 4K streams and offer better Audio Video sync.

Vudu App Update

The Vudu app also had some new features added and now has a new updated User Interface and is able to use voice search.

New Firmware For All Controllers

Both remotes with and without the headphone jack and also the gaming controllers will be getting new firmware updates.

YouTube 360

The new update gives the Nvidia SHIELD full access to play YouTube 360 Degree Videos.

These are Virtual Reality Videos that can be viewed from their own YouTube special page.

360 Degree VR Video - Use the arrows on the screen to move throughout the scene. Works in Chrome, some browsers don't support this yet.

There are some really great new features in this update and it goes to show what we already know. The Nvidia SHIELD is currently the best Android TV box on the market. You can pay less but you won't get a better media streamer than the awesome Nvidia SHIELD TV!

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