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Welcome to Roku Streamin!!


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Welcome to Roku Streamin!!
« on: August 02, 2015, 02:23:49 PM »

Welcome to the Roku Streamin forum!  :)

Here we will share new channels, post tips and tricks and help you learn more about Roku media streamers. Be sure to use these helpful resources.

On we put together a huge list of public and private Roku channels with quick links to add them to your Roku player.

Private Roku channels are channels not listed in the Roku channel store and they will let you watch even more great content on your Roku.

Our list of Roku channels has grown quite large so we organized it by categories to help make it faster and easier to find the type of channels you are looking for.

A-Z Roku Channels
Top 80 Roku Channels
Best Roku Movie Channels
Kids - Family - Pets
Sports - News - Weather
Adult Roku Channels
Roku Travel Channels
Cooking & Food Channels
Fitness & Health Channels

Get our FREE Roku Channels App!

You can bookmark the mkvXstream Web App to quickly find Private Roku Channels and more.

For troubleshooting and frequently asked questions for new Roku owners, we also have some great resources.

You can download our Free Roku Rocks Resource Guide from our downloads section here.

If you are having problems with your Roku locking up, be sure to see these articles on how to Stop Your Roku From Freezing and Is Your Roku Dying?.

Unfortunately, due to massive spam we needed to shut off posting here except for select members and admins. To join the discussion, find us on Facebook at the Roku Rocks Group.
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Don't stop dreamin and keep on mkvXstreamin


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