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Exploring the Roku Dark Side


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Exploring the Roku Dark Side
« on: September 27, 2015, 09:39:39 AM »
While Roku may have more Faith based channels than all other media streamers combined. Roku also has a dark side. This is a place where Adult content more commonly known as porn and pirated content happily coexist together on a platform with some of the biggest media content providers in the industry.

Masters of the Roku Dark Sidel

Many users look for Roku channels that bundle content from many sources. Unfortunately, unlike Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Instant this content may not always be obtained from legal sources.

This Legal and Cheap Live TV Streaming Roku Channel ROCKS!

Some Roku users will be drawn to channels from the "Dark Side" like a moth to a flame, so it's really important to realize that when you subscribe to these type of channels, they can be shut down by Roku or even the FBI at any time. If you are ever asked to pay for any channels that seem too good to be true or ones that want a full year's payment upfront to take advantage of an annual discount, just know this channel could virtually vanish in an instant.

m3u Playlist Players these are channels that can offer a long list of content not normally found on many free Roku channels. They are basically just empty channels that by themselves won't do anything. They only come alive when the user enters an m3u playlist by entering a m3u link to the playlist into the channel. A playlist is basically a link list to content on the Internet. We have some pretty detailed instructions on how to use these channels and how to find free playlists. Learn more about the public m3u player (Red with Ads) Here. Learn more about the Private Roku m3u Channel (Black No Ads) Here.

Plex Unsupported App Store and PlayOn

Plex and PlayOn are two other channels that will let you access a ton of add-ons and scripts to view additional content from the dark side on Roku. Unlike stand-alone channels they both require software to be running on a PC that must be on while you watch their corresponding channel on Roku. Plex is free and you can learn more... here.

PlayOn charges a monthly or annual subscription. Or, you can pay a one time fee for lifetime membership which is the best deal. You can learn more about PlayOn... here

Watch Adult TV on Roku

The Adult Industry realized the benefit of Roku early on. Much of the technology we take for granted today was pioneered by the Adult Industry. Roku was the perfect tool to move adult content off a small computer screen and into the living room and bedroom onto large 4K ultra high definition television screens.

Unlike Pirate TV channels, Adult channels have been welcomed from the very beginning on Roku as private Non-Certified channels and they contain legal adult content like Netflix or Hulu with one exception. Adult Roku channels are not allowed to be placed in the public channel store and need to remain as private channels. Anyone with the code or link can still easily install them. They just won't show up if you search for them on your Roku.

We have compiled a free list of the most popular Adult Roku channels which you can watch on your Roku. Many are even Free for a limited time or include free previews.

Premium Roku Adult TV providers, have followed the example of Netflix and Hulu and have become top tier streaming subscription channels. They provide their customers with a new list of HD and now even 4K videos on an ongoing basis for a small monthly fee. You can learn more about three popular Adult Roku Streaming channels here.

Then there is a completely free Roku adult channel called Nowhere Porn which can be added here. This channel features much of the free adult content found on the net, although quality is nowhere near as good as what you would get from premium subscription adult Roku channels.

If you want to install adult channels and keep them separate from younger family members, our advice is to create two Roku accounts. One for the family that the kids have access to and one for adults. This way when you install adult channels they won't be automatically available across all your Roku streamers.

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Re: Exploring the Roku Dark Side
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2016, 07:13:34 PM »
Two other excellent Roku channels that are well worth checking out are Pluto TV and FilmOn TV!
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