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Why Licensing The Roku Software Is A Good Idea


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Why Licensing The Roku Software Is A Good Idea
« on: October 25, 2017, 07:29:57 PM »
In case you missed the big news today. No, not that Roku shut down Channel PEAR. Although for those that loved this private channel it was some very sad news which you can read more about... here

The really BIG news is Roku may be considering licensing their software on other devices.

Read the Exclusive story Variety broke today... here

Making Roku available on a wide range of devices is actually a really good idea and here is why it could really help boost Roku's bottom line and increase the price of their stock as well.

Roku has not been able to make a profit as a hardware only based company and they have been turning more and more to ad generated revenue to help their company make money. They really have no content of their own except for The Roku Channel which is simply content from other studios compiled into their own free channel which they seek to share in some of the ad revenue from.

Roku devices have been banned in Mexico and this was once a larger market share for Roku. Rather than spending millions of dollars trying to fight it out in the Mexican court system with no sure outcome for victory. Making their software widely available on many other devices, like Android and iOS devices, Fire TV boxes and computers would be like Roku giving the Mexico giant cable TV provider Cablevisión that brought the suit forward, a nice big giant middle finger.

Roku's most valuable asset is really their amazing simple to use software and the many thousands of user-generated channels which they have been able to entice to join their platform. More channels than pretty much all other media streamers combined.

There are such a long list of channels on Roku covering every topic that you could never begin to watch them all. From popular Church channels, to Kids Channels, Sports News and Weather Channels, Cooking, Travel, Music, SciFi and Adult channels plus a long list of private channels. Roku pretty much has them all.

What better way to give all users of any streaming TV device access to Roku channels than a simple to use channel or app?

This could be a golden opportunity for Roku to really drive home massive profits. Instead of limiting their content to only Roku owners, their user base could increase dramatically which would provide even more ad-generated revenue.

Streamers would also benefit by not needing to choose between an AppleTV, Roku or Fire TV and one of our favorite streamers the Nvidia Shield. Users with any media streamer could have instant access to all the great Roku channel content from a single multi-platform friendly app.

This would be a big win for consumers, and an even bigger win for Roku, their channel developers and shareholders.
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