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Roku Privacy Policy Updated


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Roku Privacy Policy Updated
« on: October 31, 2017, 09:51:39 PM »
Are They Watching You? No, but they know what you are watching and individual apps may be listening. The good news is you can turn it off.

Roku sent out an email to their customers today notifying them of an update to their privacy policy. This is to inform users of tracking software and the use of microphones by various Roku channels how to opt out.

Tracking is used mostly to show you advertisements based on your interests. This can be good or bad for example what happened to one father when unknown to him at the time his pregnant daughter who lived at home was spending a lot of time on the computer searching for baby items.

When out of the blue he was constantly being bombarded by baby ads and decided to call the ad network to complain. Only to find out that they showed interest ads based on a user search preference.

His daughter finally admitted she was going to have a baby and it was her searching for baby related content that triggered these type of ads.

On your Roku, you do have the ability to turn off personalized ads and ad measurement. They will still show ads, but they will be less relevant. More can be found out about this in the Roku privacy policy linked below.

Here is what the updated Roku privacy policy email said:


Dear Roku customer,

As part of our effort to improve your user experience, we’ve updated our user interface to address changes to our platform, and to clarify the choices you have. We want to take this opportunity to notify you about these updates, and the changes to the Roku Privacy Policy.

For Roku TV and Roku Streaming Player Users:

For products that support microphone access by channel applications, we updated our Roku device user interface to give you control over access by channel applications to the microphone on your microphone-supported Roku remote control and the microphone on your mobile phone via the Roku Mobile App.

From the Settings Menu of such Roku devices with voice-activated features (under Settings > Privacy > Microphone), you can revoke microphone permissions from individual channel applications. From the Settings Menu, you can also prohibit all channel applications from accessing the microphone.

For Roku TV Users:

More Ways to Watch is now a component of the Smart TV experience created for your Roku TV. To deliver a better Smart TV experience, Roku may use Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) and other technology to collect information about the movie or TV show you are watching (for example, program and channel names, time, date and duration) via your TV’s antenna and the devices connected to the TV’s inputs, including cable and satellite set top boxes. Roku also collects data about how you use the Smart Guide, a new electronic program guide that is available when you watch live TV.

As a result, you will no longer see “More Ways to Watch” in your Settings Menu. Instead, you will see “Smart TV experience” under “Privacy” in the Settings Menu. If you wish to enable or disable ACR on your Roku TV or the use of viewing information collected from your TV’s antenna and the devices connected to the TV’s inputs to enhance your TV viewing experience, go to Settings > Privacy > Smart TV experience > Use Info from TV Inputs.

We also made changes to the Roku Privacy Policy to improve clarity and transparency. For example, we provide more details about what information is collected when you use The Roku Channel and the Roku Media Player.

For more information, we encourage you to read the full text of the Roku Privacy Policy, as well as the Roku Cookies Policy for Roku Website, so that you understand what data we collect and how we use and share it.

These changes are effective on October 30, 2017.
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