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Roku Earnings Report Rocked their Stock


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Roku Earnings Report Rocked their Stock
« on: November 08, 2017, 06:31:01 PM »
Roku released their 3rd quarter earnings report today and while analysts were expecting to see a loss. The loss was much less then expected and welcomed news for investors.

Roku stock has been floundering a bit lately. Even with the release of new hardware in October, it failed to generate any significant movement in their stock prices. The Roku IPO went live at the end of September and opened at a nice bump of $23.50 but from there it went downhill. Before the news today it had closed at $18.84 a share.

Then after the market closed and the news that their 3rd quarter earning were only down 10% which was much less than was expected. Something awesome happened, Roku's stock shot up $5 in after hour trading to $24.15

This could be a huge boost for bearish investors who may have been sitting on the sidelines waiting for some positive news about Roku.

Should the company's new strategy of focusing on advertising partners and increasing market share by developing a software app to help boost profits pay off, this in turn could also help push the price of their stock into new record territory.

You can learn more about Roku by visiting

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