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Why Data Caps and No Roll Over Data?


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Why Data Caps and No Roll Over Data?
« on: November 14, 2017, 04:11:51 AM »
Internet Providers trying to sell us on Data Caps want us to believe the Internet is like a water, and we should pay for any of the data we consume.

Let's assume for a moment we go along with their data cap argument and we should pay more if we use more than the amount they allocate to us every month.

Why then don't they roll over the data every month we don't use?
Here is a way a user on Reddit presented this argument that explains it very clearly.

Comcast says that 99% of their customers use less than 1TB every month, so that essentially means that 99% of their customers pay a high fee for 1TB of data, only to use say, 50% of that, while the other 50% of that data allotment goes into the ether, never to be seen again. Ask the average Comcast customer how much data they used this month, and watch their mouths drop when you point out how they paid $80 for 1TB of data last month, when they only used 500GB, meaning they basically gave Comcast $40 for...well...nothing.
This is how you wake up normal people as to how they are currently being swindled under this new data cap system.
Spread it far and wide.

Home broadband companies already have an unfair advantage since in many towns and counties across America are the only providers. Consumers simply can't just go elsewhere to buy their data like they can with cell phone providers.

Cell phone providers need to compete and now even some like Verizon are offering unlimited data plans and roll over data plans. They can still profit from these plans because for every consumer  that may go over what they believe is a fair amount of data,  ten may be way under so clearly the only motivation for broadband companies to implement data caps is greed and another way they can reach deeper into our wallets.

Dish Lost Another 129,000 Traditional TV Subscribers

This just goes to show customers are tired of big cable's games. If broadband companies keep going down the same path and as more Internet technology companies jump into gigabit wireless broadband, the headlines could soon read.

Comcast Loses Another 129,000 Traditional Broadband Subscribers
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