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Philo TV Budget Live TV Service on Roku


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Philo TV Budget Live TV Service on Roku
« on: November 15, 2017, 06:04:37 PM »
Philo Dumped the Expensive Sports and Offers 37 Live TV Channels at a bargain price!

Tired of over bloated Streaming TV packages that offer more channels than you would want to watch, along with an expensive price to match? Philo TV may be just what you are looking for.

Don't miss this channel to watch free live TV

With investments from five top content providers A&E, AMC, Discovery, Scripps, and Viacom to the tune of $25 million, Philo's focus is only on popular TV channels. These are some of the really good premium TV channels that everyone wants to watch at a fantastic, and until now, unheard of price of only $16 a month. This has to be causing big cable execs some sleepless nights.  :P

By dumping expensive sports channels like ESPN which alone can add $10 to $15 to a basic streaming TV package, Philo allows their viewers to have a very nice selection of TV channels at a more than affordable price.

This leaves cord cutters enough money left over every month for a nice subscription to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or even premium Adult Roku channels if that's your thing.

Watch Philo On Up to Three Devices at the Same Time

Unlike some streaming TV services that limit you to only one stream at a time, Philo lets you watch on three devices together.

Philo DVR

With the Philo cloud DVR service, you can save shows just like with your cable DVR. They do expire in 30 days so you can't save them forever.

Cancel or Start Philo Without Fees or Penalties

With Philo, you can cancel after your free trial, and start it up anytime you like. There are no cancellation fees or startup fees ever. No credit card is needed for the free trial either.

Sounds Too Good to Be True Is Philo TV Legal?

Yes, even though Philo started as an uncertified private channel, (learn how to add private channels here). Roku even mentioned the Philo TV channel on their blog. You can now add the public Philo channel below.

They started out as a college streaming TV service to students living in dorms. Then Philo branched out and is now available to the public as a much lower cost LIVE streaming TV service. They especially designed Philo TV for college graduates, who fresh out of school are on a tighter budget.

Add Philo Roku Channel

        Add Philo To Your Roku.
Supports all newer Roku models from last two years.

Channel Packages/Prices

  • Philo offers their 37 channel package for $16/month in HD which includes On Demand and Cloud DVR.
  • Add nine additional channels for $4 more a month

Philo Channels List

$16/Month Package

Animal Planet
BBC America
BBC World News
Comedy Central
Food Network
Lifetime Movies
Paramount Network (Spike)

Additional Channel Package for $4/month More

Includes everything above plus:

American Heros
Cooking Channel
Destination America
Discover Family
Discovery Life
MTV Live
Nick Toons

To create a free trial account for Philo TV you will need a cell phone. They will text you a code and once entered your trial begins. That's it, enjoy free TV like never before!

Try Philo TV Free for 7-Days

The Teeny Tiny Print: When you activate your trial on Philo by phone, instead of receiving a full 7/day trial only the first 2 days can be used free without a credit card. Then if you want to continue the trial for the remainder of the 7 days, you will need to give them your credit card number to do so. You can still cancel before your 7/day trial is over and your card won't be charged.
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Re: Philo TV Budget Live TV Service on Roku
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2017, 06:42:17 AM »
This is an excellent review of Philo TV by one of our Roku Rocks Facebook group members. It really sums up Philo TV perfectly and we wanted to share it with you here.

By Darryl Lyle

I gave the free trial a spin. The stream quality is on par with SLING and DIRECT TV NOW, but without the prime time buffering issues that absolutely bogs down DIRECT TV NOW. The DVR function doesn't work like the other services and wasn't intuitive to figure out, but it works and the quality of the DVR virtual recordings are superior to what SLING and DIRECT TV NOW can do. Picture and sound are improved. This also applies to the VOD for one channel in particular: AMC. Compared to Spectrum Cable, DTVN and SLING: PHILO's AMC VOD looks and sounds the best. It's especially noticeable with THE WALKING DEAD - a program that has a very deliberate, grainy texture because it is shot on Super 16mm film stock. Spectrum, SLING and DTVN's VOD of THE WALKING DEAD looks smeary (DNR most likely) and there are dropped frames. That's not the case with PHILO. Also, unlike SPECTRUM, PHILO offers AXS VOD (SLING has a weird version of this and DTVN has one as well). I'd also like to add that PHILO adds programs to their VOD with great frequency, unlike DTVN (which lags far behind PHILO, SLING and Spectrum Cable in terms of adding new programs to the VOD in a timely manner. Sometimes it's over 2 weeks behind, as evidenced by AXS and Adult Swim's VOD section).

The downside to PHILO is mostly its unintuitive interface. It takes some getting used to after exploring what it does.

I too look forward to its future development and I will be subscribing to the service when my DTVN subscription (heavily discounted) wraps up at the end of the month.

It cannot be understated: the fact that NONE of your subscription fee subsidizes "news" channels and sports channels is a wonderful, glorious, celebration-worthy feeling.
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