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What if Roku Made a DVR?


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What if Roku Made a DVR?
« on: November 25, 2017, 11:10:51 AM »
Why Owning a DVR May Be Even More Important In The Future

With the roll back of Net neutrality rules, it is possible that we could be paying a much higher price for some things we now take for granted on the Internet.

Some broadband providers are already implementing data caps. Should they lower these limits we could suddenly be back to the days of recording our TV shows from an antenna, rather than streaming everything on-demand.

An HD DVR tuner easily makes this possible with no monthly fee. For years we have used a simple small PC hooked to our TV with an HDMI port to watch our recorded shows. By adding a record feature to Roku it would eliminate needing to use a computer to watch recorded shows.


Many cord cutters still miss their DVR. Even if only for the warm familiar glow of the LED clock. Roku has not yet implemented any feature to record over the air TV channels from an antenna in their stand alone media streamers the way they have with their all-in-one Roku TV models.

Sure, adding a tuner to a Roku media streamer would add some expense. But since there already some great tuner options available, it would not be all that hard to add an option to store recordings to an external drive via an included USB port.

Homemade DVR (Mac Version) - This requires an over the air ATSC tuner, DVR software and a computer for recording and watching your shows.

Homemade DVR (PC Version) - This requires an over the air ATSC tuner, DVR software and a computer for recording and watching your shows.

Tablo Dual an Easier Way - Tablo DVRs already comes with two tuners built in, all you need is add an external USB drive and your done. They already have a channel on Roku or an App for Android or iOS for watching your recordings. Tablo also lets you use your portable devices with their app to watch your recorded live TV shows as well.

You can manually schedule your and record your shows by channel, date and time.  This is free, or you can pay $4.99/month, $49.99/year, or purchase a lifetime subscription for the one-time cost of $149.99 for their TV guide.

The Tablo guide gives you 14 days of guide data, cover art and lets you filter by Sports, Movies or TV shows. It also helps you avoid duplicate recordings and will automatically extend live recordings.

Tablo subscribers also have access to their Tablo Connect feature. This lets you access and watch your recording from anywhere outside your home network. So while buying a guide and a Tablo may end up costing some money up front. Once you pay your done, there are no more ongoing fees like there are with your cable TV provider which typically charges $10/month for their DVR. These fees only get more expensive with time.

 Learn More About a Tablo Dual (Currently they are on sale!)

Until Roku comes out with their own DVR solution, for now if you want a DVR to cut your internet usage, or enjoy buffer free HD with a low speed Internet connection. A Tablo or home built DVR may be your best bet.
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