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XIRVIK Servers - Host Your Content Play on Roku


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XIRVIK Servers - Host Your Content Play on Roku
« on: December 04, 2017, 06:56:18 PM »
XIRVIK Servers Roku Channel let's you play your content from the Cloud

One of the biggest things many Roku users have against using Plex is needing to run the Plex server software on a computer at the same time as they are watching the Plex Roku channel. This adds a level of complexity to what should really be a simple process on Roku.

XIRVIK hopes to make things easier by offering a Roku channel which lets you access your media content from their cloud server.

Their disclaimer which is really their channel description makes this clear.

This channel allows users to access their own media files that they store in a rented XIRVIK server. Like Plex, it does not provide any content, i.e. all media is provided by the user itself.

Unless you sign up with XIRVIK for a server rental first, this channel will NOT be useful to almost everyone. XIRVIK is really no different from any other web hosting provider except that XIRVIK has come out with a Roku channel to let you access and play the content from their server.

The company is located in Madrid Spain. The cost of a shared server their least expensive plan which is perfect for watching your content on Roku will cost you $17.95/month. With this plan you receive 100GB of storage which would really only be adequate for a small movie collection. It is also on a shared server so depending on what others are doing with their server space, there could be times where it could effect everyone on the server and it would run slower. This could cause you to experience buffering when trying to watch your movies.

If you require more storage, you would then need to step up to their next plan which only offers 140GB to 2TB of storage. This plan cost $24.95/month and the server is only shared with 4 users so it would be noticeably faster.

From there, their plans get considerably more expensive all the way up to $149.95/month. Content hosting is not cheap, especially if you want a faster server which is not shared with many other users.

In comparison, say you were to use a well known and reliable hosting company like Bluehost which is from the USA. They only charge $8.99/month if you pay for a year in advance for their basic shared hosting plan and they include 50GB of storage.

Their next plan which is shared with a lot fewer users offers Unlimited Storage for $12.99/month. The only difference is BlueHost does not have a Roku channel to access your data.

It's not really all that hard to build your own Roku channel to access your files on Roku and it would save you a bundle to host your files on Bluehost.

Once you have built your private Roku channel, you can add files to your server by FTP and then easily watch your video files from the Cloud on your Roku. You could also share the link to your private Roku channel with your friends and family so they can also watch your entire movie collection on their Roku players as well from anywhere in the world since your files are hosted on a cloud server.
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