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Catch Up and Restart Live TV on Android with Plex Live TV


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Catch Up and Restart Live TV on Android with Plex Live TV
« on: December 09, 2017, 05:40:50 PM »
Plex has been busy lately, they have made some great enhancements to their live TV app which works amazing on the Nvidia Shield and Fire TV and also mobile devices.

Here is What Plex Live TV Catch Up and Restart Can Do

Let's say your half way through the recording of a football game, or any other great TV series on the channels you can watch for free with an antenna. It used to be in the old VCR days, you would first need to wait for the recording to finish, rewind it and start then start watching your shows.

Plex TV now let you jump right into something you're recording and watch it right from the beginning while the rest of the show continues to record. You can also stop and pause the show, rewind it or fast forward anything up until the point where it catches up with your live TV recording.

Here is something even better. Now you can setup Plex Live TV to remove the commercials from your recordings.

Tools You Will Need To Watch Plex Live TV

Chances are if you are serious about cutting the cord, you may already have a few of these tools needed to get Plex Live TV working.

1. Plex Pass

You will need a Plex Pass subscription to access these cool Plex DVR features. Click here to get Plex Pass
You can choose to subscribe monthly, yearly, or make a one time lifetime payment.

2. Supported Tuner

While Plex Live TV can support several tuners, our favorite is the HDHomeRun. It can support any operating system including Mac, Linux, Mac, Windows, NAS and Nvidia Shield.

If you plan on using a Nvidia Shield with Plex Pass Live TV, then the Hauppauge WinTV-dualHD is also a great choice for a Live TV tuner. It's also less expensive than the HDHomeRun.

3. Nvidia Shield

Plex Live TV will also work with Fire TV and mobile Android devices, more Amazon devices also to follow. Our favorite for sheer overall power and performance, continues to be the incredible  Nvidia Shield.

4. Indoor or Outdoor Antenna

You will first need to setup a proper sized indoor/attic or outdoor antenna for your location. Click here for our handy Digital Antenna guide which can help guide you through what you need to make your Free over the air channels rock.

5. Plex App for Your Shield or Fire TV

You will also need to install the Plex app for your Fire TV, Shield from the Play Store if you don't already have it installed. Open the Plex app and then log into Plex Pass to start using the Live TV DVR feature.

For more help with setting up and using the Plex DVR and Live TV software, please visit the Plex support page here.

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