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Last Chance for Cord Cutter Gifts


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Last Chance for Cord Cutter Gifts
« on: December 16, 2017, 07:42:40 AM »
If you want to give yourself or a loved one the gift of a new ROKU, Nvidia SHIELD or other cord cutting streaming TV accessories, we're down to the wire to have it sent out in time.

Here are some last minute ideas to make this an extra happy holiday, by giving the gifts that keep on giving all year round!

The Roku Streaming Stick +

The new Roku Streaming Stick + has 4X the WiFi Range and it supports 4K HDR. If your old stick is buffering it could be because of distance or barrier limitations of WiFi. This new Roku stick will help overcome these obstacles and give you super smooth streaming in a tiny package easy to travel with package.

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Synology or QNAP NAS

A NAS is the Ultimate Cloud Storage Solution. By placing your video files on a NAS you can then easily watch them on your Roku. A NAS can also be used as a PLEX server so you won't need to run a loud noisy PC to watch your Plex Roku channel. Since a NAS attaches to your home network by Ethernet, it can be plugged in next to your Router in another room. Synology and QNAP make the best NAS boxes in the industry. To learn more how Synology and QNAP compare click here.


The Shield is one of the fastest most powerful Android media streamer you can buy. Now that they are offering it at a lower price with just the remote, it makes it even more affordable as the ultimate media streamer for those that want an additional streamer to Roku.

It is one of the few Android media streamers that use the TV OS which makes it easy to use with a remote alone from the couch. Most every other lower cost clone uses  the Android Phone OS so this requires using a mouse to emulate the touch screen function.

While we still recommend a Roku, for all the great stuff available including a long list of Adult channels. The Shield should definitely have a place in your entertainment cabinet to give you even more TV streaming options.

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Tablo Dual DVR

If you miss your Cable DVR to record live TV shows, pause and rewind Live TV and skip commercials then a Table Dual should be on your list. It hooks to your home Network includes 64 GB of built-in storage or you can attach an even larger external drive for even more space. It includes a Roku channel so you can watch all your HD recordings from an antenna right on your TV.

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WiFi Eliminator Ethernet over AC

If your WiFi connected Roku is slow, or buffers a lot it could be your WiFi that is causing problems. Placing your Roku too far away, or neighborhood congestion with too many of your neighbors all using the same WiFi channel can cause problems.

WiFi over Ethernet adapters save you from the hassle of running Ethernet wires all over your home and lets you use your AC wiring in your house to transfer the signal. This is a low cost solution to give you a better signal from your Router to your Roku.

Order Now

Amazon Prime

If you missed the deadline to ship something out, it's not too late to still give someone or yourself an awesome gift that will keep on giving the year round. Prime membership will give you access to watch all the popular Amazon Original series along with thousands of great movies and TV shows. Plus Amazon Prime gives you access to Amazon Music and free shipping for a full 12-months. You can choose to give a for the entire year for $99, or give a three month gift of Prime for only $33. Includes a FREE 30/day trial.

Get Amazon Prime

More Last Minute Deals

Here are all the last minute deals on Amazon. Be sure to check them out because they often have some great bargains for last minute shoppers.

Check Out All Deals!

Disclaimer - get paid a small fee for items purchased from these links. This is something Amazon would keep for themselves should you visit their site directly and will cost you nothing extra. This helps us to keep bringing you more great tips, streaming news and other content and it also helps make our holiday a little merrier.  :)
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