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Terrarium TV Whats Happening With This App?


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Terrarium TV Whats Happening With This App?
« on: December 20, 2017, 05:08:40 PM »
Terrarium TV was one of the most popular apps on Android TV boxes in 2017. It even surpassed Showbox in popularity which used to be the number one app for watching free movies and TV shows.

Suddenly after the last update 1.8.3 the official website went down, removed by the developer and all that was left was this Facebook page, with a note that the developer was taking time off for the holidays to spend it with family.

Terrarium TV is now back again with several more updates released, including Terrarium 1.8.6 ad free which is the latest version.

Another Facebook status update mentioned that Google was taking down many links from their servers to movies.

The app in itself held no content, instead it attempted to replicate Kodi in many ways by acting as a gateway to full movies and TV shows that were hosted on various servers on the Internet around the world. It featured full thumbnail images, description and IMDB ratings. Plus you could even go directly to official YouTube trailers to give you a preview of what a movie or show was about before you chose to watch it.

Ironically, for those that have linked their app to a Real Debrid account, Terrarium TV continues to work fine. Hoping to gain some of the same popularity, another app Free Flix HQ has sprung up with a support group for this app that can be found on Facebook as well.

Terrarium TV was put together so nicely, should you stumble upon an ad-free version and did not know any better it would be hard to tell it apart from a professional paid streaming TV service like Netflix or Hulu. They only difference was the Terrarium TV app had access to way more content than both these two legal streaming services put together.

While the future remains uncertain for Terrarium TV, it would sure be nice if the major content providers could ever get their act together and offer something equivalent. An app that would host everyone's content and be presented in such a way the end user would not know if the videos they were watching were from Hulu, Netflix or Amazon Video or a slew of other providers. An app that would simply charge a monthly fee and then pay the individual content providers a percentage of the revenue based on which content was watched. This would let the end user enjoy a seamless and uncomplicated streaming TV experience without the need to jump through various channels and apps to watch their content.

This may sound like a pipe dream, but if anything can be learned from apps like Terrarium TV there are better ways to organize and present streaming media content than to have it fragmented across twenty different providers. If they want to win back the hearts and minds of cord cutters, what better way than offer them something truly excellent, affordable and useful to make it easy for everyone to enjoy and access their content.

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