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Tired of Dealing With Half Nutz Script Sellers?


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Tired of Dealing With Half Nutz Script Sellers?
« on: January 05, 2018, 06:18:46 AM »
Instead of giving your credit card and paying a year in advance to some crazy dude in the Caribbean for an IPTV script, not knowing if this service will be around 3 months from now.

If you don't want to get berated and cussed out when you need help or have a question, there is now a better Live TV option.

*We honestly are not making this up, we have heard reports of this from more than one person. There are some real paranoid wackadoodles selling IPTV m3u scripts out there.

Philo is a new Legal live TV streaming service that has turned the OTT streaming TV industry on it's head. They offer a great free trial, plus you get a cloud DVR and 37 great LIVE TV channels for only $16/month.

Philo works on most media streamers like Roku, Currently on Android, Windows 7, OSX 10.8+ you can watch Philo via a Chrome Web browser. An app is available for iOS and an app for Android will be available soon.

In a recent AMA interview on Reddit, Philo CEO Andrew McCollum said that Philo was talking with local channel broadcast providers to add their channels if they can keep the cost down. They are also open to adding sports as add-ons to keep the cost down for those subscribers that don't watch sports. Philo also recently started taking pre-paid debit cards.

This is a different approach than services like PS Vue, Sling and DirecTV which have taken a more all inclusive bundle approach along with the higher monthly costs for their live channels streaming service.

Instead of searching for illusive free m3u playlists or dealing with some crazy dude on crack to get your IPTV TV fix, give Philo a low cost legal streaming service a try instead.

You can even try Philo free, click here for the full channels list and even more details
Don't stop dreamin and keep on mkvXstreamin

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