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Here Is How To Watch SPIKE TV Without Cable TV


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Here Is How To Watch SPIKE TV Without Cable TV
« on: January 24, 2018, 07:58:11 PM »
The Spike TV Network is a very popular channel on Cable and one that's often asked where it can be streamed by cord cutters without a cable TV subscription.

If you are looking for Spike TV, you will no longer find it under that name. Recently they rebranded and have changed the name of the channel to "Paramount Network."

Paramount Network is a channel you typically find on satellite or cable TV and it's owned by Viacom Media Networks.

Originally their content was all geared towards men and featured content like UFC Mixed Martial Arts, and adult cartoons.

They then added more reality series, and finally tried to broaden their scope by appealing more to both men and women. They also added more original programming and feature popular shows like several Star Trek Series and James Bond movies.

Just because you cut the cord, it does not mean you need to stop watching this great channel.

Here Are Some Of The Best Ways To Watch Spike (Paramount Network Channel) Without Cable

1. Watch Spike The Easy Way

If you have access to a Dish, DirecTV or cable TV account password you can Add the Paramount channel along with all these cable TV channels and watch them on your Roku.

2. Stream the Paramount Network (Spike) Without a Cable TV Subscription

There are several ways you can stream the Paramount Network channel without a cable TV or satellite subscription.

The Least Expensive Way - Subscribe to Philo for only $16/month and the Paramount Network channel is included. Philo also has many more great channels you may enjoy. View the Philo full channels list here.

The More Expensive Way - Subscribe to Sling TV either Orange for  $20/month and you can get Paramount Network AKA Spike channel for $5 more a month extra as part of the Comedy Extra Package.

Another option is to subscribe to Sling TV Blue which cost $25/month and the Comedy Extra Package can also be added to it as well for $5 more a month.

Along with the Paramount Network, you will also get the following channels which are all included and are part of the Comedy Extra Package:

Paramount Network
TV Land

Get Sling TV Here

The Most Expensive Way -  DirecTV Now does costs the most but it also gives you 60 channels and Spike is included in their package for $35/month.

DirecTV Now also offers some nice promotions when you first sign up like a Free Apple TV 4K or Roku Streaming Stick if you pre-pay for service in advance. 1-month for the Roku and 4-months for the Apple TV.

Many Roku owners have complained about a lot of buffering with the DirecTV channel. It may work better for you if you have another platform like Android TV or Apple TV.

Get DirecTV Now Here

Note: Sony PlayStation Vue was one other option until they lost the Spike channel a while back when Viacom pulled All their channels from their streaming service.
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