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Watch Tons of Worldwide TV Channels on Your Roku with Giniko.

Giniko Plus New Private Roku Channel

This will eventually become a monthly subscription Roku channel.

For Now Enjoy and Watch Giniko Plus While it's Free!

Sign up and enjoy watching content from many different countries.


With Giniko Plus you can watch many many foreign TV Stations all from one easy to access location.

Watch TV from Africa, Turkey, Middle East, USA, UK France and more...

Get the New Giniko Plus Private Roku Channel

Featuring Both Live and Pre-Recorded Content.

Here is a sample listing of only a few of the many different stations available:

Maxi TV - Ukraine
Abu Dhabi Al Oula - United Arab Emirates
Jordan TV - Jordan
Miami TV - United States
Deluxe Music - Germany
TRT World - Turkey France 24 English - France
Russia Today - Russia
Bloomberg Europe - UK BBC News - UK

Plus watch over THREE Hundred more TV stations all available to view right here on their website or on Roku.
You will need to create an account on their website. Then you can login and use their DVR to record live shows and watch them later.

Add the new Giniko Plus Private Roku Channel

Private Roku code: ginikoplus

Besides Roku, Giniko is also available to watch on Android devices. You can add their channel directly from Google Play. It is also available on iOS or watch it from your Mac or Windows PC.