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Plex Media Server Sharing Gives You Access to a Huge Video Library

Plex Media Server Sharing

Access way more content with Plex media server sharing!

Want access to a large library of free movies and TV shows you can watch with Plex? Sharing a Server with myPlex extends your media's reach. You can watch your content over the internet, or share it with your friends.

Once you set up Plex media server sharing you will have access to content from not only your Plex library but also from your friends shared libraries as well. Don't have any friends that use Plex, not to worry. We will show you a cool little group of Plex lovers that will let you in their secret club and share their content with you as well.

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Is Plex Server Sharing Safe?

Many of you when hearing about this for the first time will be wondering if this is safe. This is like sharing a copy of a video you purchased with a friend. Unlike downloading where there is a copy of a video made. With Plex server sharing they are streaming a video and when done they will no longer have a copy on their computer.

Plex sharing requires others have access to stream content from your server. You can revoke access to a server on a per user basis at any time. You can also limit sharing to specific sections of your server that you want to share.

How To Setup Plex Server Sharing

Setting up Plex server sharing is not hard. It just requires a few simple steps. Heres is a great pictorial step by step guide that will show you how to set up Plex media server sharing. Click Here to Access Setup Guide.

Hardware for Plex Server Sharing

To take advantage of this great Plex feature, having fast Internet connection is a must and a good computer to run Plex is also important.

The latest trend for Plex servers are NAS boxes. Some of the best in the industry are built by Synology and QNAP. Here is a list with specs of NAS boxes. Any NAS with an asterisk * is more desirable as it will support transcoding. This is very useful for sharing you content to multiple devices on your home network.

A NAS unlike a PC runs super quiet, it's designed to be on for 24/7 operation and uses a fraction of electricity compared to a PC.

Outfitting your NAS box with large hard drives is also a plus if you own a large video library you want to share. Western Digital Red Drives are the best and they can be found in sizes from 3TB to as large as 8TB.

Click here to see their full line of WD Red Drives on Amazon

How to Access a Large Library of Plex Content

The nice thing about sharing is it is give and take. You share your Plex content and others share with you. As promised here is one of the best ways to find people to share with. David's World is a great site where Plex enthusiasts come together to share their Plex media servers. They have many shared servers listed you can access content from. David who runs the site is a Plex guru so if you get stumped along the way setting up Plex or media server sharing, he will be happy help you out. PM him if you want to share your server with others and it will be added to the list.

To access this list of shared Plex servers you will need to join and become a member. Membership is free!

As this site keeps growing and more members join and share their content, the larger the pool of movies and TV shows become. So please be sure to join and share David's World Online with your friends.