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Project Free Tv Vs Roku

Project Free TV

If you visit the Project Free Tv Website, you will find links to watch all your Favorite TV Shows and Movies Online

Project Free TV is a very popular website that crawls the web and lists all the latest TV shows and movies online. Since this website does not host any illegal content and only links to other sources of this content on the web, it has been able to survive numerous take down attempts.

You would think this is all you really need to watch free TV. Unfortunately, not all is rosy with this website and here is why. If you visit Project Free Tv and don't have Flash installed on your computer, many of the video links will not work. Instead when you click on them the site will prompt you to install Flash. Most tablets and phones can't use Flash and many Internet security experts are even advising to remove Flash and not use it any longer due to increased security risks.

Some Project Free Tv users consider the website to be safe and have been using it to find and watch content for years. The website is only a directory and really has no control over the content on other sites they link to. Unfortunately most of the 3rd party websites that contain the video files are riddled with malware and other garbage and they try very hard to trick you into clicking onto links that will either send you to ads at best. At worst, they will download viruses, trojans or crypto lockers onto your computer that can make dealing with the aftermath on your computer a living nightmare.

While streaming is much safer and considered legal under current laws, downloading is not. Never download any files if you decide to use Project Free Tv.

Roku on the other hand does not use Flash, or download files. It streams file directly to your television from the Internet over a modified Linux OS, so malware is never a problem or something you will need to be concerned about.

Watching the same type of content on Roku is not be quite as easy and it may require a few extra steps to find everything you are looking for. Guidebox is a site that makes it easier to help you find where to stream content online.

These are some of the best Roku channels currently available that can help you find and watch Free Tv online.


- XTV while still a fairly new channel, already offers us some great Free TV content. Like Project Free Tv, it looks for streams on the internet and organizes them into easy to navigate channels. Recently XTV even has a channel that lists free Network channels like ABC, CBS and NBC plus a few others. This is nice as you won't need to hook an antenna to your TV to get these channels. Add the XTV channel to your Roku

Nowhere TV

- For another great channel on Roku you won't want to miss be sure to take a look at Nowhere TV. This channel is filled with many News shows you would typically find on Network TV. It also features video clips and shows from many other sources. Get the Nowhere TV Channel for your Roku


- A special custom Roku channel that's almost like watching Cable TV. It has both British and USA TV content. This version of FilmOn comes with a full online guide. Learn more and Add FilmOn to your Roku


- This channel is fairly new and still in Beta. Keep your eye on it because a major update is promised by the developer soon. This channel looks for live streams and other content on the Internet and let's you access and watch them with your Roku. Learn More about cCloudTV


- If you want to watch the same content as Project Free Tv without paying for a service from the Roku Dark Side or other streaming services like Netflix or Hulu, then the Roku Plex channel is what you need. Although the Plex requires a computer to be on and running at the same time you watch the Roku channel.  If you install the Plex Unsupported App Store,  along with these Add-Ons, you can stream all the same content for Free right on your TV with Roku.

If you find Project Free Tv isn't worth the trouble, why not fire up your Roku and use these Roku channels to find and start watching some great Free TV. To help you get started, here are 10 Private Roku Channels That Rock!