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Chromecast is a media streaming dongle that plugs into your TV's HDMI Port.

What is Chromecast?

What is Chromecast?

And why you may not want one if you plan on cutting the cord

Chromecast Top Selling Streamer

Google seems to have a winner on it's hands if recent sales numbers are any indication.

DON’T MISS: Chromecast Leads Roku in Streaming Race!

Unlike pretty much every other media streamer sold, Google's Chromecast is very different. Most media streamers are designed to give the user complete control over the user interface with an included remote control. Chromecast works by using a mobile phone, tablet or computer as a remote to cast your favorite TV shows, movies, music, sports, games and more right onto your TV screen. It does not come with a remote control.

Once the Chromecast has started playing your content you can turn your mobile device off.

Why is Chromecast So Popular?

For most anyone that has cut the cord and has been streaming their TV content for a while, Chromecast would probably not be their first choice.

Here is Why Google's Chromecast May Be Dominating Media Streamer Sales

  • Chromecast  Costs Less Than the Competition - Many buyers when first looking into cutting the cord look for the least expensive option. Unsure if this is something they will want to end up using, a low cost product has a lot of appeal. The fact that is says Google on the box a name many people know and trust probably helps sales as well.

  • Chromecast Now Comes in Several Bright Colors - Unlike the first Chromecast dongle, the second generations no longer look plain and drab. The latest version looks cute, cheerful and fun. This may account for a lot of impulse purchases.

  • Mobile Devices Rule - Just look around next time you are out and about a large public area and watch just how many people are staring at their tiny mobile phone screens. This shift in technology may be also a reason many people see the Chromecast as another extension of their mobile devices.

  • Access Content from Anywhere - Unlike Apple TV, and to a certain extent Roku and Fire TV, with Chromecast you can access content and watch content cast from a web browser. This gives you access to a large list of Internet Movie and TV streaming sites which can be found here.

Why Roku is Still a Better Choice

Chromecast apps compared to all the channels available on Roku are still quite limited.

The Chromecast’s screen mirroring function was designed to let you open something in a Chrome browser and then play it on your TV. While as great as this sounds in the real world it's still kind of clunky. There’s plenty of lag, frequent disconnections and image quality is poor. This seems like a lot of trouble compared to enjoying your content in full 4K on a Roku 4.

So you thought fighting over the remote control was bad, try watching TV with your Chromecast when your kids are using your tablet. Oh that's right you can't.

If you are thinking of cutting the cord and reading this trying to make up your mind on which media streamer to buy, the Chromecast would be the last choice on our list. It can sill serve a purpose and may be great for a second TV, if using it as an only media streamer you may be missing out.

If price is a big concern, we highly recommend buying a current model Roku 2. It gives you the same CPU speed and performance as a Roku 3, minus voice search and a gaming remote.

If watching TV shows and movies from websites is what you are after, then take a look at an Android TV box. It comes with a full web browser and will let you install KODI plus other Android apps as well.

We put together a list of the Top 10 Best Android TV Boxes for 2016

There is a lot of great content available on Roku, over 3,000 public and private channels at last count. To view the list of some of the best public and private Roku channels available click here. Plus unlike Chromecast, every Roku comes with it's very own remote.

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