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XTV was one of those rare FREE Roku channels you did not want to miss. Unfortunately, the popular version of XTV was shut down. As was the newer XTV light version which was shut down as well by Roku. Learn more...

Now that it's gone, be sure to check out Pluto TV for some more free great content to watch on Roku.

XTV Roku Channel

XTV IPTV FREE Roku Channel

Watch Free TV when you get XTV for Your Roku!

*XTV UPDATE: Now that XTV once again has been removed. Many have turned to a legal channels like Pluto TV to get their share of great shows, movies and live TV on Roku.

**USTVNOW is another really great Roku channel for Free Live TV. You can get a Free Trial that will last for 45-days. You will be able to watch channels like ABC, CBS and NBC in HD on your Roku. After the trial, the channel reverts to SD but you can sign up again for another 45-days.

Add USTVNow Here

ABOUT XTV - No, XTV is not an XXX Adult Roku Channel. Instead, XTV is a pretty amazing Roku channel that features a ton of content including some great Canadian channels that are NOT Geo-blocked plus a huge selection of movies and TV shows. XTV even has some Live IPTV Streaming Channels as well.

You should know the content on the XTV Roku channel does not belong to XTV. They simply link to free TV sources on the Internet so you can watch it on your Roku. Sometimes links go down and are removed during a channel update. If your favorites shows are no longer there, it is not the developer's fault. Be grateful you got to watch them when you did. There is no other channel on Roku that would let you watch as much free content.

If you experience buffering or freezes while watching some live or on-demand channels. That's the way it goes. IPTV does this sometimes and unless you want to pay $12-24/month for a private server and use the m3u Playlist Player Roku channel, it pretty much comes with the territory. After all, XTV is FREE, not an expensive paid streaming service so complaining about the channel in various forums will get you nothing but scorn from other users.

By itself XTV on Roku is one of those awesome channels that goes above and beyond the mediocre and sub-standard channel content that seems to plague many made for ads Roku channels. Be sure to give the XTV IPTV Roku channel a try. You have nothing to lose because XTV is 100% FREE! Although, the developer will gladly accept donations.

*At one point XTV had all US affiliate channels, ABC, NBC, CW, and FOX plus a ton of other great IPTV content as well. If you are looking for IPTV channels to watch on Roku this was the go to channel. But sadly it is not what it once was.

XTV is a Private channel you can add to your Roku with a code.

Roku Private Channel Code: XTV2IPTV

You can also add XTV plus a couple more very good IPTV channels to your Roku... HERE!

If you are looking for a particular TV show or movie and would like it added to the channel, Email the XTV developer your requests.

Be sure to give the XTV IPTV Roku channel a try, you will be very glad you did.

Looking for more channels like XTV? Be sure to have a look at another excellent Free Roku channel Pluto TV.

Also - For FREE Reliable Live TV Channels, Be Sure to Get the USTVNow Roku Channel

Here is How to Install USTVNow so Your IP Address Won't Get Blocked!

Watch USTVNow for Free CBS, NBC, FOX and ABC Live Shows

The USTVNow Roku channel free HD trial expires in 45 days, then you need to create another account. Watch the basic free account forever in SD. That's right some Roku users have also recently reported that their USTVNow Roku channel would continue working even after the free trail was over.

If you want to keep watching basic channels in HD, you will need to re-subscribe every 45 days using these USTVNow Roku instructions.

Don't Miss - IPTV Playlist Player: Add this Roku channel to add your own IPTV Playlists.